About us

Resitech Brazilian Quality Group, was founded in September 1999, has been undergoing a process of continuous growth, supported by a set of skills in strategic business segments operated with a high degree of competitiveness.

In more than a decade of existence, Resitech innovation is its main tool to diversify its business by opening a successful range of activities in different sectors, driven in an independent and autonomous decisions. Diversification that at no time meant loss of focus and is presented today with the following business units: wood, tools and household appliances.

The Resitech offers its partners, suppliers, national and international solution to join a country from the import, logistics, distribution and marketing of their products. Resitech Brazilian Quality Group, presents the best of imported products in the segment where it operates and what is best in Brazil for the export market.

Each operation is custom designed, considering all aspects involved in order to obtain the best outcome. With high-power, we ensure the efficiency and quality of work of this company.

Our values:

  • Innovation
  • Professionalism
  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Integrity.

Our philosophy:

  • Focus in Branding
  • Professional team with a long term experience
  • Process and sales routines
  • Focus exclusive in distribution
  • Operation all over Brazilian area
  • Exclusive brands
  • Compromised team
  • Carrying on information